5 Breast Cancer Myths

Fantasy: Solely ladies with a household historical past of breast most cancers are in danger.

Actuality: Roughly 70% of girls identified with breast most cancers don’t have any identifiable threat elements for the illness. However the family-history dangers are these: If a first-degree relative (a mum or dad, sibling, or little one) has had or has breast most cancers, your threat of growing the illness roughly doubles. Having two first-degree relations with the illness will increase your threat much more.

Fantasy: Carrying an underwire bra will increase your threat of getting breast cance

Actuality: Claims that underwire bras compress the lymphatic system of the breast, inflicting toxins to build up and trigger breast most cancers, have been extensively debunked as unscientific. The consensus is that neither the kind of bra you put on nor the tightness of your underwear or different clothes has any connection to breast most cancers threat.

Fantasy: Most breast lumps are cancerous.

Actuality: Roughly 80% of lumps in ladies’s breasts are brought on by benign (noncancerous) adjustments, cysts, or different situations. Medical doctors encourage ladies to report any adjustments in any respect, nevertheless, as a result of catching breast most cancers early is so helpful. Your physician might suggest a mammogram, ultrasound, or biopsy to find out whether or not a lump is cancerous.

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